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O.K. so I am not someone who blogs but here goes...I guess if I am going to provide tips and tools for people to use, I better use them too.  I have created this site so that I can share any tools, tips and links that I find with you.  There are so many great places to find technology but it can be overwhelming when you are getting started so I hope that I can share some that I have tried and give you ideas on how you might use them in your classroom.

As I have attended conferences and networked with other techies and teachers, I have met some great people who have many more resources than I do. I will share their links and information with you so that you benefit in the same way. We can't know it all and so I believe in paying it forward.  Please do the same with your colleagues.  If you find cool tools, please let me know so that I can add it to the links page for everyone.
LouAnn Getz
6/5/2010 03:25:50 am

Way to go. I like the links to videos, the tools and having so many resources in one site.

I like seeing the new things and your suggestions for how to use them. Thank you.


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