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Link to Wikispaces: http://www.wikispaces.com/site/privatelabel/k-12

To add an educational wiki, click here:  http://www.wikispaces.com/t/x/teachers100K

Wikis allow students to collaborate and create their own web space.  By participating using wikis students learn to share ideas, discuss topics, collaborate and learn to give and take, post and view their works and others all in a safe environment. Teachers can monitor discussions and participate with students.  Parents can join in and see their student's work and add to the discussion.  Classrooms in different locations can work together on projects.  We are even using wikis for our staff meeting videos and book study groups.

My wikis are private but for today I am going to let you view these wikis so that you can see how they are used in the classroom.




Podcasting is a great way for students to learn communication skills in a creative, fun way.  We created podcasts about events happening around our school.  Students learned to conduct research, write scripts, record and edit audio and upload their final projects.

We used Audacity as our audio editor.  This is a free program and I highly recommend it.  
Link to Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

We used GCast for our podcast channel which could be embedded in a website or wiki.  Listen to some of our podcasts below.
Sadly GCast is no longer accepting new podcasts.  I am trying out other options. Here is our E-Cast using drop.io:   http://drop.io/eaglepodcasts


Link to Voki  

What is Voki?

Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages.


Link to Wordle: http://www.wordle.net/

Link to WorditOut: http://worditout.com/ 

Insert text and create word clouds. Customize the size and colors to make it your own!
Created at Wordle.net
Wordle: Cool Tools


Link to Sharetabs: http://sharetabs.com/
ShareTabs allows you to add links and share them as one link which is displayed in tabs.  I use this to provide resources to my students for projects.  This way they are not just surfing the Internet but have specific sites to use in their research.  You can provide the link to students or post the link on your website or wiki.
Here is a Sharetab with all the links from this pagehttp://sharetabs.com/?cooltoolsuwilluse


With StudyStack, you can create a variety of study tools from one list.  Once uploaded, tools such as flashcards, notes and study tables, matching, crossword and hangman are automatically created. 

This is a StudyStack for my Computer Tech Lab class.

For more information and tutorials on using StudyStack, go to Tutorials>StudyStack


Link to Prezi:  http://prezi.com/

Prezi is a zooming presentation tool. No more boring slides! You will keep your audience's attention as they wait to see what is next.  This tool is easy to use and has great impact!


Link to Glogster:  http://edu.glogster.com/
Glogster allows your students to create posters - about anything!  Students can create interactive posters using built in tools.  Students can add text, graphics, hyperlinks, sound and video with the click of their mouse.  

As a teacher, you can set up classrooms so that your student information is secure and you can monitor work. 

It is a great way to have students present information in a creative and fun way!

Check out these student examples:

Photo Story

PhotoStory 3 allows students to create slideshows using images, special effects, motion, music, titles and narration.  Your presentations can be played back on the computer,  TV or portable device.  This is a great alternative to PowerPoint for presentations. Here is one example:

Poll Everywhere

Link to Poll Everywhere: http://www.polleverywhere.com/
Ask and be answered!


Link to SurveyMonkey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/

Create surveys for free!
Click here to take survey